Watch for water hyacinth

A significant water weed has been removed from an Armadale waterway after a member of the public reported a sighting to the Department of Agriculture and Food.
Water hyacinth is a declared weed in Western Australia, which means it is prohibited from being sold and must be destroyed.

Department Regional leader for Invasive Species Tim Thompson said the department had worked with the City of Armadale to rid the weed from the area.

“The infestation was located in a relatively inaccessible area of Wungong Brook and had spread a thick mat over more than half a hectare,” Mr Thompson said. 

“The weeds have been sprayed and removed to prevent any further spread.”

Water hyacinth has the potential to choke waterways, preventing light entering and depleting oxygen, causing algal bloom and native fauna to die.
Water hyacinth
Mr Thompson said the discovery highlighted the importance of community participation in biosecurity.

“The public plays an important role in protecting the State’s enviable biosecurity status,” he said. 

“Biosecurity is a shared responsibility, both government and the community have a role in managing declared pests. 

“Early detection aids a rapid response to an incursion, preventing its spread and reducing the potential risks and cost of eradication.

“I encourage anyone who notices suspect plants to notify the department as soon as possible.”

Suspect weed sightings should be reported to the department’s Pest and Disease Information 

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