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Want to begin Sheep Farming

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Joined: 20/12/2017

Hi, I am thinking to start a sheep farm in WA. I live in Perth. I have no experience in farming in Australia. But I was grown up in a farmer family overseas. I can invest $200,000 . Please advise how and where to start?


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Joined: 28/02/2011

Hi Ashad,

Welcome to the small farming forum. 

Before you even consider buying a farm I would look to increase you knowledge around farming sheep in Australia. A good place to start is by reading, the below two books contain excellent content for someone starting out in sheep farming.

The second thing I would do is to spend some time on a sheep farm. Offer to work for free with an experienced sheep farmer in the area you are looking to buy. You might find after spending some time on the farm that sheep farming is not for you, it is better to find this out now rather then when you have made a significant investment.

I hope this has been of assistance.



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