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tussock removal

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Joined: 26/01/2018

Hi all

We are on approx 45 acres divided into 8 paddocks most have a large amount of tussock.

What is the best action to remove and get some pasture happening..

Cheers col...


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Joined: 09/09/2011

Hi Col
Tussock can be quite difficult to remove quickly. It is a perreniel species with quite an extensive root system.
You have a number of options depending on topography, climate and feed requirements.
To renovate the pasture completely you will have to kill the tussock either with herbicide or by ploughing. herbicide will require a fallow spray to kill all the grass, including the tussock.
Ploughing would have to be done at an appropriate time and will need to be disc ploughed most likely twice.
Then a pasture will be planted and what type of pasture is dependant on climate and when you need the feed.
Sometimes utilising the tussock to start with is quite helpful. The best way to use it is to supplement feed your stock so they can eat down the rougher tussock grass. A supplement dry lick or lick blocks help the animals digest the tussock and will also help to clean up the paddocks as well.
With either method I would start by doing 2 of your 8 paddocks at a time that way you leave yourself some feed elsewhere for your stock.
I hope this helps.
Regards rolly

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Joined: 26/01/2018

Thanks rolly

Very helpfull info I have cattle but they seem not to eat the tussock at all maybe its too long and dry for them..

Ill take your thoughts on board andwork on a plan..thats again...col.

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