Stray cattle?

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Stray cattle?

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I have a question. I am currently located around bundaburg Qld.
Q1.Over the past few years of us owning the land we have untagged cattle on our land. Do i have rights to tag these as my own?
Q2. There are also tagged cattle on my land they have calved, someone suggested as they have been on my land for a while i have a right to them too. This true?
Q3. If i manage to contain these animals and find a tag id. Can some one please tell me how to locate the owner via this tag?

Thank you
Oh must add.
A couple of year ago our fence was cut. Signs of a cattle truck size vehicle had gain access. And most of non tagged cattle taken. Police came and said there has been reports of somepne in the area collecting clean skins practically too hard to catch then.... case closed.
I dont know if that attitude was cause i looked like a "city slicker" or what.


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Hi Steve,
the general answer to your main queries for all states in Australia is that you can claim ownership of any untagged or un Identified livestock inhabiting your property within reason. ( didn't just put them there from somewhere else).
You will however have to comply to the relevant state and federal livestock identification laws such as nlis or National livestock identification scheme. To do this you will need a pic number (property identification compliance number) registered for your property, then those animals will be recorded against that pic number.
As for contacting the owner of any animals that have an ID, you would need to read the pic number of the I'd tag (electronic ID) in each animal which would give you the owners pic number. This can then be given to the local authorities, depending on which state you are in, to give you some contact details.
Good luck and I hope this helps.

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