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Rogue Cow

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I'm new to the forum.  My family and I run a small Scottish Highland Cattle, Poultry and Boer Goat operation out at Trunkey Creek NSW.


We recently had an enquiry by an owner of a heifer asking if her Scottish Highland cow can come visit our bull for a set service fee for 8 weeks.


Our family have never been asked this question but agreed because we like the thought of the Highland Breed continuing to grow.


The animal was dropped off into our yards then needed to be walked down a paddock and through a laneway to get to our other cattle.


It didn't make it that far.  The heifer charged at us, broke through our electric fences and ran through our farm.  We then found out afterwards that the cow was difficult to place into her trailer with 3 farmers helping at her farm.


Within an hour of the owner dropping the animal off and us doing everything possible to contain the cow (still lunch time), she decided she was going to go and leave us with the task of organising her troubled cow.


Long storey short, after trying a few attempts to herd the animal, I brought my stock to it thinking it would be happiest in a pack.

Having other cattle around also didn't help and the heifer once again stormed through fences.


After now one week with our cattle and gentle attempts to rear her up to our yards including leaving paddocks wide opened for 24 hours, the heifer still won't socialise with our stock and won't come anywhere near the trough or yards. 


The owner will not compensate us for our time, effort, eating our pasture, and the fact that the bull has already been servicing the cow.  She wants us to collect the animal so she can take it free of charge.


We can't contain the animal to ship it back to the owner, but the owner is not capable of putting the cow in the yards.


Really stuck with what to do.  Not sure if there are any animal agencies that can help take the animal.  It's not tagged or registered.  Or if there is anyone specialised in our area who can herd a non tame animal.


Hoping to not receive negative comments about letting other peoples animals on our farm.  We did it to help another farmer and as you all know, to try and keep some sort of income flowing on the farm.


Any information would be helpful.  Thankyou in advance.



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If it's not tagged it was illegal to move it onto your property in the first place.


Then there's the fact that you haven't read the owner very well at all, as well as risked the biosecurity of your own herd.


Sorry if you don't like the negative comments, but on a positive spin you can really learn something from this.


With my last post on another thread I don't want people to think I blow every problem away, but I'd tell her to come and get her crazy animal and pay to get the fences fixed before I a. Sue her for damages (expensive/may not succeed), b. Turn her animal out onto the road (you may be liable) or c. Shoot it as it is dangerous (she may sue or call RSPCA).


Favors and handshake deals often go south in farming, and you really need to only offer them to good neighbors and people you know or trust. Sadly people can be selfish and completely irresponsible with animals.



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