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Hi to all our fellow Farmers,


We have just purchased our first farm of 150 hectres in the lower Hunter near Tocal and would welcome some advice on getting started.

Our main goal this year is to reduce weeds and fertilise with the view of bring on about 20 head of cattle mid year.


We understand that Feb is the best time to spray our weeds, followed by liming.  We have identified weeds (lantana, fireweed, parramatta grass, tobacco and thistle) and had soil test done on the three main paddocks. Advice is to lime (Summer), followed by SuPerfect Pot (Autumn) and Greentop K in (Spring/Summer). 


Any advice on the best timetable to start would be much appreciated.  Cheers


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Hi Bellbrooke,

Welcome to the small farms forum and congratulations on the new purchase.

The best time to control any weeds will be when they are actively growing, when weeds are stressed out due to extreme temperatures or moisture they are less likley to absorb the herbicide. Rather than blanket applications of herbicide via a boom spray you might consider spot spraying or the use of a rotowiper. I have seen good success using a rotowiper where the plants are taller and the herbicide can be applied to the one species. 

Regarding the lime, if you are broadcasting it and not incorportaing it into the soil you should be aware that it is very immobile can take up to 10 years to reach the subsoil. The finer the lime (partical size) the better, but the more likley it will be blown away when it is broadcast. Ideally the contractor you use should wet the lime down and also use curtains (stops the lime from going up into the atmosphere) on the spreader.

Hope this has been of some assistance and you enjoy the farming journey.



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