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just in the process of buying a rural property south-gipplandarea vic. have wanted to leave city life for years now.

initially thinking small farm, i found the red tape that now goes hand in hand with rural properties very restrictive..... also only having a small budget, finding a piece of land that allowed me to realize my dream was difficult :( but compromise i did and the journey beginns )


first on hand will be my house.... simple smallish earthen walled then subsistence farming.

i have spent the last 6 months reading and researching and find myself still lacking, i know i will need a tractor soon but what....? i will need it firstly to build my house and then infrastructure after that small hobby farm use.... i guess.

lots of digging and earth moving, foundations for the house and then moving and working dirt to build a cob house. i know a small unit will struggle but as long as it can do it all be it slowly then i dont mind (as long as it can dig) 


anyway.... just thought i would say hi and where im at.

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