Needing advice on types of farming ventures regarding time management

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Needing advice on types of farming ventures regarding time management

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Hi everyone, We are interested in starting a hobby farm in NE Victoria but need some advice on maintenance and upkeep of certain projects. Before I start I am well aware that farming is no easy task and things take time and money. As a sidenote I'm not as much interested in making a primary income out of this, but more so a combination of needing an agriculturual side of the property for it to be possible to have a dwelling and that it something we are genuinly interested in. I'm a Chiropractor and my fiance an Osteopath, we run our own business. Whilst this can sometimes be time consuming, overall the hours are quite minimal (25 -30hrs per week) compared to a full time job and we are in control of starting and finishing times also. We are just trying to do as much due dilligence as possible on a plan we are currently working on to submit to the local council. This is regarding a 16 acre plot of land with 600m of river frontage. It should also be mentioned my partner is vegetarian and unfortunately isn't interested in livestock (damn). We have looked into - • Olives • Raspberries • Possible vineyard • Blueberries • Walnuts I have also looked into aquaponics as I worked in an aquarium for 5 hears and have set up my own smaller operations before. Anyhow I understand if the response is, all of these are extremely time consuming and need full time care. We aren't planning on working the whole 16 acres. More so around the 3 - 4 acre mark. Cheers.


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Good evening,
Congrats on your purchase and future life endeavours. I commend you on your due diligence but it is a little bit of and open ended question. Never the less people ask "how long is a piece of string?" Answer is twice the length when folded in half! There is always an answer.
I have a couple of clients and friends who are chiropractors in addition they are successful and happy farmers here in northwest NSW.
What you are planning seems entirely manageable because most of what you propose will be very seasonal in nature. So whilst there will be some very busy times of the year i.e. harvest time, pruning ect there will also be some slower periods where the farm won't be so demanding.
I wish you luck on your journey.

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