Mulching vs slashing vs other

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Mulching vs slashing vs other

I’ve recently bought 430 acres near Gloucester NSW. Mix of undulating ok land, steep wooded land and plenty of land that needs restoring by removing lantana, blady grass, giant parramatta grass, small gums, tobacco bush etc etc. from what I read about mulchers, they do a great job on nice paddocks, but mine is a bit rougher. Will the mulcher cut it, or should I use a slasher. There will be rocks that jump out and surprise me here and there too. Or should I try and do the job with a forestry mulcher first mounted to the front of a skid steer? It’s quite confusing. I have a 95 hp Kubota to pull whatever I buy at this stage. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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Hi Crustypedro,

I would try with a slasher if you can safely do it yourself. Make sure that the slasher is lifted up high and go slow. If the gum tree suckers have any size about them don't run over them as you could puncher a tyre or damage the slasher. If you go around them you can come back later and poison them with a combination of roundup and Grazon. After slashing you will get some freash growth which will more likley be able to be controlled with herbicides.



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