Meat Rabbits for a real Newbie

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Meat Rabbits for a real Newbie

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Joined: 24/08/2017

Hi! My husband and I are based on 30 acres in the Mallee (VIC) . I am researching opportunities in small scale (ethical) farming of meat rabbits but am finding NOTHING! I am sure the industry can't be completely dead! If anyone could let me know of sellers / buyers / breeders / processors I would be very grateful!!! Thank you


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Joined: 28/02/2011

Hi Mary-Anne,

Welcome to the small farming forum and thanks for the question.

Unfortunately the meat rabbit industry is all but finished, I dont know of any commercial farmers. The industry has struggled with economies of scale and the high labour costs. Many producers have suffered from high mortality rates due to inadequate diets, heat stress and disease problems like calicivirus and myxomatosis.

Have any other members been involved in farming meat rabbits?



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