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Hi from Tasmania

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Hello we are on a 73 acre property in Tasmania. 25 acres of paddocks... the rest is bush. Our experience is looking after friends farms whilst they are on holiday! . It is taken us 25 years to finally own our own farm. We have learnt over the years how important it is to have a plan and to know your soil and your own limitations. For us it is not an income generating property but rather a lifestyle choice. We could easily put multiple animals onto our property, but we are choosing not to. As our community has a large number of horses and we are planning to provide quality feed for them as most have to travel big distances and can only get round bales. We plan to provide small rectangle bales. We also plan on providing paddocks for grazing max 10 steers with payment being the care of additional animal which they Take care of as they would have their own animals i.e. drenches etc. we will have it killed on our own property. We feel this is a fair arrangement what do you think? This will be part of a holistic management practice of looking after the land, improving it and re-fertilising it gently. Of course the farm has its own vegetable garden, nut tree wood, orchard, chooks and two fattening pigs. Other than that the biggest focus is regeneration and replacement of trees to be more bushfire safe. To do this we are planting a food forest corridor around the fenceline’s as we replace them. So that is us hi!


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Hi sheep wash farm,

Welcome to the small farming forum, it sounds like you have your own a piece of paradise.

I would suggest that any arrangement/agreement you have in place needs needs to be a 'win, win' for both parties if it is to work long term. Also, ensure you have the agreement in writing and that both parties have signed it so there is no confusion.

Look forward to hearing about your farming journey.



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