Goat feed pellets from fruits and vegetable pulp

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Goat feed pellets from fruits and vegetable pulp

I want to know if we can make goat feed pellets from Pulp of Fruits and vegetables.

The pulp are made from cold pressed juice company and i wanted to know if we can use it to feed goats.

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Hi Shadabkn,

Welcome to the small farm forum, nice to have you as part of the community.

I'm no sure regarding making pellets from the pulp of fruit and vegetables, it would be very difficult to dry down to ensure it doesn't go mouldy.

I know of farmers who feed the skin and pips of grapes to livestock without an problems.

I will ask our resident goat expert and see if she has heard of anyone doing it.



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Please see the response below from our resident goat expert, Barb Vincent

Yes you can feed pulp from non toxic fruit and vegetables to animals including goats. However, never Avocados as they are toxic to everything except humans, monkeys and apes. You should also not feed potatoes to them either as sometimes, if the potatoes are green they will contain poisonous solanine- the same toxin contained in nightshade. A goat breeder from Monto Qld. used to feed orange pulp to her dairy goat herd, from the factory up there. She reported that they did very well on it. One caution, make sure that the pulp is from organic fruits and vegetables as sometimes fruits and vegetables can be sprayed with pesticides. I have never heard of pelletising pulp residues before. It would be interesting to see a photo of the end product. Could be a good money spinner if a marketing plan could be made. The folk who invented pelletised Lucerne made a fortune exporting it. think of the huge Asian market out there. Also think of the use that could be made of all the crops that have huge surpluses that go to land fill- the possibilities are endless.



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