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Fencing Cost

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Joined: 21/02/2017

Hi All,

I'm just trying to plan out some fencing on my farm but cost is going to govern exatly how many paddocks i do at this stage.

Could someone give me some rough costing, say per mtr rate?

I'm looking at getting equine fencing and goat fencing which will dual accomodate for the goats.  The horse paddocks would be a stiff mesh product 1.5m high with hot wire top & bottom and goat fencing would be hinge lock with 2 hot wires top and bottom not as high and most likely include star pickets not poles for stays.

I'm in Victoria

Thanks in advancesmiley


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You need to plan fencing to suit your farm environment, stock and management of your operation. This communally known as a Whole Farm Plan (WFP). As with most people; money, time and knowledge are limited so you may have to stage your fencing to suit these three things, but strongly suggest you do it to a WFP as this could save you money, time, effort and most importantly frustration!

A few things that can affect the price are:

- how much fencing to be done,

- how big is your farm?

- travel distance for contractor.

- “loading” for fencing for horses.

- materials used.

- farm environment: rocks, trees, slopes, waterways, etc.


- If you have a good contractor they can usually source materials cheaper than you, but you could ask for two prices – with and without materials.

-  suggestion example:  to construct a fence that would suit horses and goats eg rabbit wire with an electric equine white wire on top at 1200cm height.. but need to answer some of the questions above.

- goats are very difficult to keep in their place … I used to have 700 of them at one stage and only eight horses.

- Have heard prices for 1200cm high fence, hinge joint, with hot top wire, steel strainer assemblies: $10 -$15 / metre

- Hope this helps – Mal, FarmStyle consultant

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Joined: 21/02/2017

Hi Mal

Thanks so much for your reply, definitely have lots to think about.

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