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Burning Off

We’ve recently purchased a small property and Keen to make it as productive as possible. I’ve read that burning off is a good way to clear weeds and initiate regrowth of native grasses. What does one have to do to conduct a burn, or are there contractors who can manage this?

Clearly now is not the time but I’d like to be prepared.


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Hi Paul,

Burning off is indeed a good way to remove alot of thick vegitation and cotrol some weeds. You will need to be vigilant as to what grows back though, some weed species such as coolatai grass are very vigerous in growth and will out compete more desirable species after burning.

You will need to contact the local rural fire authority to obtain a permit to burn and they will have alot of helpful hints and infomration regrding burning of in your region. They may even help you out when it come time to burn.



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Hi Paul,

It is always a good idea to let your neighbours know that you will be burning off, they may even offer to help you and wont be concerned if they see smoke.



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