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Atherton Tablelands Queensland

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Joined: 22/01/2018

Hey there, long time reader first time poster.

I'm in the process of choosing 100+ acres in the Tablelands and I was wondering if anyone on this forum is from the region. I'm looking to pick someone's brain about the area and best use of the land.


Also, thanks for the people who run this forum, love reading it so much. Gives me hope.


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Joined: 28/02/2011

Hi Ben,

Welcome to the small farming forum, pleased to have you as a member after being a long time reader. We are all here to learn, shoot with any questions you may have about that area.

You may also like to head over to our facebook page where we have recently started a discussion group which you may like to join, it is pinned to the top of the page

Look forward to seeing you about.



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