Best of Workshop Manual

Best of Workshop Manual
The ultimate toolbox in a book. This indispensable addition to any shed contains a series of practical articles about the most used tools on Australian farms and how to overcome simple and complex repairs.
From cutting, drilling and grinding to welding and maintenance among others, this publication offers a step-by-step illustration about how to tackle jobs in the workshop. Kondinin Group is renowned for its practical approach to presenting information to help farmers make better choices.
1) The ideal workbench
2) Smart storage solutions
3) Safety equipment for teh workshop
4) Don't gamble with your safety
5) Tips for buying tools
6) Ratchet spanners - reviewd and rated
7) Cool tools and handy gadgets
8) Correct tools make engine overhauls easy
9) Talking the torque
10) Reticulated air systems for workshops
11) Air tools are worth a look
12) Needless scale gets the needle
13) Handy tips help cut equipment expense
14) Do the grind for a top job
15) Angle grinders demand respect
16) Handy files for skillful hands
17) Strike a blow with the right hammer choice
18) Accurate marking and sheet metal hole cutting
19) Simple steps for drilling large holes
20) Precision drilling tools
21) Simple steps for accurate drilling
22) Drill sharpening
23) Accurate measurement handled accurately
24) Heat and electricity - the basics of strong welding
25) Putting the spark into arc welding
26) Selecting electrodes to ensure strong welds
27) Correct set-up eases MIG welding worries
28) Oxy set offers multipurpose work tool
29) Soft soldering for leak-proof joints
30) Plasma cutting steel
31) Cheat sheet on sheet work
32) Rolling sheet meatl is a cinch
33) Removing broken bolts and studs successfully
34) Removing broken bolts
35) Drilling out broken bolts the easy way
36) Repairing stripped threads
37) Thread cutting
38) Break the bond of stubborn nuts
39) Fastener selection
40) Solving the thread mystery
41) Reliable fasteners make riveting reading
42) Hints and tips for reliable roofing
43) Keep your nuts tight with smart locking methods
44) Avaoiding the pain of rusted nuts
45) Handy parts keep machinery moving
46) Fixing bolts to concrete
47) Preparing the right mix for solid concrete
48) Metal lathes add scope to equipment modification
49) Tyre repairs without the tears
50) Getting a grip on greasing gear
51) Cold chisel tips for tough tasks
52) Random acts of sharpness
53) Knife sharpening
54) How to sharpen a chainsaw
55) Marvellous multimeters are a must-have
56) Electrical connections - lost their spark?
57) Electrical connections - Part 11
58) Waterproof electrical joins
59) Creating strong metal bonds using soldering
60) Let there be light
61) Detect faulty batteries early for smooth driving
62) Gaskets and sealants
63) Handy pipe repair tips
64) Joining copper pipes
65) Avoid leaks with flared connections
66) Mastering the art of bending pipe
67) Tight clamps prevent leaks
68) Electrolysis makes a meal of rust
69) Handy knots to secure a load
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