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The New Kid on the Block...

Hi, I've decided that I'd like to start farming beef cattle in Central Victoria (Euroa/Strathboggie area) in the next six months. I'm thinking of purchasing 100 Acres and running 30-40 head of cattle. Whilst I grew up on a farm as a child that was a long time ago and so I have alot to learn. I've been doing some reading but am open to ideas and thoughts around where I'm thinking of buying, what sort of cattle should I run, What should I watch out for with land in that area? I look forward to some feedback.
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Hi Robdog,

Welcome to the small farms forum and thanks for the question.

Regarding your pending purchase, below is a checklist you should consider

1. Use a reputable agent
2. Check planning restrictions and legal responsibilities
3. Inspect farm infrastructure
4. Check access to markets and services
 5. Understand land and water
6. Consider weeds and pests
 7. Assess natural resources
 8. Meet the neighbours and assess any land use impacts
9. Be realistic about farm skills and knowledge

Regarding the tye of cattle you should run, you could start with a smaller breed like lowlines or background weaner heifers or steers until you build up your cattle farming skills and knowledge.

I hope this is of assistance.


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