How can I make money from my hobby farm?

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How can I make money from my hobby farm?

Hi, I have a 20 acre hobby farm that has earned us nothing over the last 15 years we've lived here. The soil isn't great with high clay content and I have very limited water (tank water only). External fences are ok for sheep but not cattle and my internal fences are mostly falling down. I've considered many things but limited water seems to remove a lot of options and all I've done is keep a few sheep to stop the grass from over growing. Is there something I can do to earn some money from this place? Thanks so much

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Hi anasttin,
It sounds like water could be a limiting factor, but there are ways to capture and store it. What area are you in? Or if you prefer not to answer that, how much rainfall do you get in summer and winter? Is your landscape flat or hilly? Are there any existing dams or other water ways on your property?

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