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Where to start..

Gday All, I'm currently living on 1/2 acre block in Emerald Victoria. I hope to be buying acreage over the next few years with the view to farming possibly cattle, chickens but not sure as yet. I was hoping I could get some advise as where to start. I would love to get some time on a working farm. Would this be beneficial? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Terry
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Hi Terry and Rach,

Welcome to the hobby farming forum and thanks for the question.

Personally I would read as much as you can to get some good theoretical information ont he particular topics that you are interested in, we have a good range of books for sale in our farming bookshop which you may find helpful

Secondly, getting some practical experience will be critical. Offering your time to a local farmer will be the best way to get some hands on experience and capture some local knowledge.


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The New Kid on the Block... Hi, I've decided that I'd like to start farming beef cattle in Central Victoria (Euroa/Strathboggie area) in the next six months. I'm thinking of purchasing 100 Acres and running 30-40 head of cattle. Whilst I grew up on a farm as a child that was a long time ago and so I have alot to learn. I've been doing some reading but am open to ideas and thoughts around where I'm thinking of buying, what sort of cattle should I run, What should I watch out for with land in that area? I look forward to some feedback.

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