Grass / Reed identification

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Grass / Reed identification


Im in the Hawksbury River region (NSW) near a brackish creek and have the attached growing on the property.

Can anyone identify it?

thanks in advance

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Looks like a tussock, be very hard to slash or mulch unless doing it really slow in high revs.
Usually grow in lower waterlogged areas.
I remember as a kid farmer used to dig them out deep with a large mattock. From memory not sure if this was that successful or they just thought they doing right thing. I kow some farmers have poisened them with roundup either by spraying or using a wick wiper.
I am sure other farmers on this forum have had lot more experience and could give you some good advice.

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Yes it is a tussock variety and is best targeted with a weed wiper - I have used the weed wiper and it does a great job on tussock and any weed for that matter!

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Hi Steven,

Welcome to the small farm forum and thanks for the question.

It looks like water rush, which prefers low lying wet areas.

Are you looking at ways to manage them?


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