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Farm layout

Just recently purchased an 8 hectare farm and would like someone to assist with developing a high level farm layout for a fee.

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Welcome to the small farm forum and thanks for the question.

We would likely be able to assist with your request, we have a team of consultants based in most of the small farming regions. 

Where is the farm located?

If it is easier please provide your details below and i will make contact with you



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Hi All. I’m looking for some info advice in laying out and setting up a property too. We have about 12Ha cleared land on the NE coast of Tasmania. We live in NSW but are planning on eventually living there in 10 years or so. We would like to be self sufficient and give away swap any excess produce. Planning on having vege patch, chooks, olives and avos (need to get them in soon so fruiting when we live there), fruit trees and bees, pigs, Dexters and maybe goats. Sounds like a lot and feel free to tell me we’re biting off more than we can chew although the plan is to gradually build things up. The property has previously had sheep and cows on it although not for a while judging by the fences. We have a permanent dam and a bore which I am in the process of having checked regarding volume and water quality. The place is pretty much a blank slate but I haven’t yet found anyone locally who can help with where I should put things including fences. Any help in this regard plus any other advice/opinions would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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