The Toolkit Volume 2

The toolkit volume 2

Complementing the first edition, the Toolkit volume 2 is the collection of the best from the workshop articles found in Farming Ahead magazine over the last few years. Order The Toolkit volume 2, for: Tips to increase productivity in your workshop, Help with jobs as large as building the workshop through to the tinklering that takes place within it, Easy to read instructions to help you to get the job done the right way. Look no further for information on tools and supplies, concreting, engine and machinery repair and maintenance or just general workshop methods, this practical manual will guide you through the easiest and most efficient methods.

1) Introduction

The workshop
2) Better planning prevents costly mistakes

3) Layout is the key to maximising effciency

4) Simply smart storage solutions 

5) The ideal workbench meets individual needs

6) Safety equiptment for the workshop

7) Residual current devices can save lives

8) Reticulated air systems for workshosp

9) Rotary converters for three-phase power

Tools and Supplies 

10) Specialist mechanics tools

11)Air tools are worth a look

12)Tips for using torque wrenches

13) Smart choices cut costs on MIG consumables

14) Pocket the pennies with gas alternatives

15) Inverter welders put to the test

16) Metal lathes a versatile workshop tool

17) Custom O-rings keep machinery moving

18) Handy parts keep repairs on track 

Workshop Methods

19) How to matchthreads for nuts and bolts

20) Repairing stripped threads

21) Removing broken bolts

22) Break the bond of stubborn nuts

23) Electrolysis removes rust

24) Simple steps for drilling large holes

25) Quick repairs keep drills running true  


26) Preparing the right mix for soild concrete 

27) How to construct a concrete pad

28) Fixing bolts to concrete

Machinary repair and maintenance 

29) Maintenance keeps shearing gear running

30) Spray painting retains machinery resale value 

31)  Power take-off shafts

32) Repairing leaky seals and sored sharfts 

33) Hydraulic hose fittings 

34) Installing pulleys on shafts

35) A new life for old front-end loader buckets 

36) Making reliable electrical connections 

37) Battery Maintenance 

38) Setting up solar pumps

Engine repair and servicing 

39) Correct tools make engine overhauls easy

40) Petrol engine timing

41) Compression testing engines 

42) Steps for starter motor repair

43) Kepp air-conditioners cool for summer 

Conversions and notes

44) Conversion tables

45) Notes

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