Kubota’s Premium Economy Tractor Range

Of the many tractor brands available in Australia today few can match the range of premium quality tractors offered by Kubota.

Following the recent introduction of the B3300 compact tractor Kubota now has a range of eight economy tractor models from 33 to 67 horsepower. Manufactured by Kubota Corporation Japan all eight economy models feature Kubota’s in built quality and reliability. 

For tractor buyers on a budget or for those that don’t require a “high spec” tractor, the availability of a Kubota economy model means they can enjoy the peace of mind of owning a reliable Kubota tractor as well as the additional benefit of affordable pricing.

For many years Kubota compact tractors have served their owners well with reliable, economical and trouble free hours of operation. These features have been carried into the compact general purpose 33 horsepower B3300. With a hydrostatic transmission and four outlet hydraulic valve, the B3300 is easy to operate making it ideally suited to front end loader work.

Kubota’s mid size basic tractors range from 34 to 51 horsepower and are available with either hydrostatic or manual transmissions with all manual models featuring a shuttle for forward and reverse operations. The 51 horsepower model (MX5100) has a clutchless hydraulic shuttle for easy forward/reverse direction changes. The largest basic model – the M7040SUD – is the perfect “all rounder” utility tractor suited to both the lifestyle and professional tractor markets.

For operator comfort all basic tractor models have a flat or semi flat operator’s platform. These types of operating platforms make for easy mounting and dismounting as well as provide ample leg room. Gear levers are conveniently located so as not to obstruct the operator while all other levers are mudguard mounted. Standard hydrostatic power steering takes the strain out of front end loader operations even when the front bucket is fully loaded. Comfortable well padded seats are fitted to ensure comfort during longer hours of operation and some basic models feature hydraulic PTO engagement for the smooth engagement of rear mounted PTO driven implements such as a slasher.

As with all Kubota tractors full open bonnets and slide out radiator grills make servicing a breeze.
All Kubota basic tractor models have an optional performance matched level lift front end loader available. The easily attached or detached loaders can be fitted with either standard or four in one quick release buckets. For some models a pallet fork and bale attachments are also available.

These economy tractors are just a small part of the Kubota premium range of products.

For further information, or the name of your nearest dealer, please ring freecall 1800-334-653, or log on to www.kubota.com.au.

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