Kubota’s New Budget Buster Farm Tractor

 In order to offer a utility tractor for every customer type, Kubota Tractor Australia has released a new low budget tractor in their M-Series line up.

The new M7040SUD – Special Utility Tractor, is based on the very popular M40 Series range (62 hp - 95 hp) introduced to the Australian market in 2006.

 “Kubota M40 series tractors have had fantastic customer feedback in regards to their high productivity and low running costs. Now, with the introduction of the new M7040SUD, price conscious buyers can access a budget tractor manufactured to Kubota’s high standards of performance and reliability,” says Peter Gloury Sales Manager for Kubota Tractor Australia.

The new tractor features a 3.3 litre Kubota diesel engine with four valves per cylinder. While this engine is rated at 67 horsepower it still produces a whopping 62 horsepower at the tractor PTO. “Our engines have gained a very good reputation for high performance and low fuel consumption and these features are what you get even in this budget tractor,” says Peter Gloury.

The transmission comprises 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. Synchronized shifting is provided for 3rd and 4th gear. The synchronized – between low and reverse range- shuttle lever is conveniently located on the left hand side of the seat and allows the operator to easily and quickly switch between forward and reverse. This is particularly handy for repetitive direction changes as with slashing or front end loader work. The mechanical rear differential lock, in combination with the standard 4WD guarantees good pulling performance when using drawbar implements.

The hydraulic independent 540rpm PTO, expands the use of these tractors to include rear mounted PTO driven implements such as rotary tillers, post hole diggers or rear mounted mowers. The multiple wet disc PTO clutch, ensures smooth engagement of the implement and increases durability for extended clutch life compared to the dry clutches often used in other budget tractors. The PTO control lever is ergonomically placed on the right hand console and is very easy to operate.

The three point hitch boasts a lifting capacity of up to 1900kg at the category 1 or 2 link ends. Enough hydraulic flow is guaranteed from the gear type hydraulic pump, supplying 43 l/min of oil flow, which is quite important for quick front end loader cycle times.

The hydrostatic power steering makes tractor operation easy and reduces operator fatigue.

Unlike conventional budget tractors with a big transmission tunnel in the centre of the operator’s platform, the M7040SUD’s operator platform is roomy and very cleanly laid out with a semi flat floor. Hanging instead of standing pedals result in even more rest room for the operator’s feet. All control levers are within easy reach to the left and right hand side of the adjustable operator seat. For safety the seat offers a retractable seat belt and the tractor certainly comes with a foldable ROPS frame, which applies to Australian standards. The digital LED panel, makes viewing vital functions of the M7040SUD tractor clear and easy.

The M7040SUD can be fitted with the Kubota LA1153E hydraulic self levelling loader that was just introduced to the Australian market in early 2009. “The loader is a perfect match for the very tight turning M7040SUD,” concludes Peter. “The loaders design is fully integrated into the tractor design with a slanted boom to match the tractors hood. This not only gives these models a sleeker look, but also improves the operator’s visibility to the bucket.”

The loaders can be fitted with a range of Kubota implements. A 3rd function valve and Kubota’s Shockless Ride Accumulator system are available as an option. The shockless ride absorbs the jolts when travelling over uneven surfaces, resulting in a smoother ride for the operator.

The new M7040SUD model features the same sophisticated look as Kubota’s recently released tractors with slanted bonnet, halogen headlights, newly designed front grille for improved visibility and enhanced operator comfort. Operators can perform routine maintenance quickly and efficiently with the bonnet raised. The halogen headlights ensure excellent forward vision in any light conditions.

For further information, or the name of your nearest dealer, please ring freecall 1800-334-653, or log on to www.kubota.com.au.

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