Polymer Innovations

Polymer Innovations produces the world's best polymer based earthen dam, pond or canal sealant that is 100% customisable to your specific environment. Whether the leak is in the base, wall, through rock or any soil type our Water$ave Plug Range will put an end to your water losses!

Water$ave Plug & Seep are specific blends of lineal & cross linked polymers that are 99% insoluble, non toxic & biodegradable. It will not harm plants, fish, yabbies or livestock. Water$ave Flobind is a lineal polymer in powdered form that instead of forming a gel as most of our polymers do, Flobind turns into a slime.

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Address: 2/129 Maison Dieu Rd, Singleton, NSW 2330
Phone: 02 6571 5177
Email: info@polymerinnovations.com.au
WWW: www.polymerinnovations.com.au