PigCentral provides a one-stop information hub for WA pig owners

Western Australian pig owners now have a one-stop shop for all their pig information needs with the launch of the PigCentral website by the Department of Agriculture and Food this week.
Department veterinary officer Ashley Jordan said the engagement website would provide biosecurity, general health and management information for small-scale pig farmers and owners of pet pigs as well as discussion forums, questionnaires and competitions where pig owners can engage with the department and other pig owners.

“People considering owning pigs can come to the site to find out everything they need to know about owning pigs in WA – from what to feed them, how to house them, what their normal behaviours are, when to call a vet and what regulations apply,” Dr Jordan said.

“People who already own pigs can share their ‘pig tales’ about what they love about owning pigs as well as some of the challenges that arise such as when a ‘mini pig’ is no longer miniature. 

“They can also provide tips for other owners or ask questions in the discussion forum.” Dr Jordan said pig owners could also upload their favourite pig photographs and stories for a chance to win a fortnightly prize of $50 worth of commercial pig pellets from their local feed supplier.
The PigCentral website is part of the Boosting Biosecurity Defences project made possible by Royalties for Regions program.

To visit PigCentral, go to www.engage.agric.wa.gov.au/PigCentral
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