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Hi Natalie,

Welcome to the small farms forum and thanks for the question.

The repairs and replacement of a boundary fence should be shared 50/50 with each neighbour. I would not access the neighbour's land without first discussing the matter with them, they should be happy to help out. Also, under the Native Vegetation Act you are allowed to prune or trim trees as long as this does not result in death of the tree. Also under the act, a small farm can (<40 hectares) clear up to 6 metres either side of the boundary fence. 

In regards to running livestock, no permit should be required, however you will need a PIC (Property Identification Code) for the farm if it does not already have one. This enables livestock to be transferred from farm to farm under the NLIS (National Livestock Identification Scheme).

You might also like to join our facebook discussion group which is pinned to the top of our Facebook page, we have a lovely community of very friendly, helpful small farmers.

I hope this information is of assistance.

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Thanks Charlie,

Yes the information is very useful. In regards to pruning or trimming trees under the native vegetation act is this the same for crown land.

In regards to a planning permit for dwelling do you know how many livestock you would need to on the land to obtain one. Our shire is the Golden Plains Shire.

Thanks again for the very useful information.

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