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The dream

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Hello everyone.


I'd like to tell you about a story that goes back to about the 90s.


In the evenings, Dad and I used to walk the dog and as we did so we'd often muse about what we'd do if we won the lottery.


Our fancy was not like most peoples, world tours, expensive cars or mansions, we wanted a property, ducks, chooks, and a big bull, for a pet.


Now you might laugh, and with good reason. Owning a bull and running a property is no easy task. We were city people with little experience of life in the bush, and Dad had just retired from being a delivery man for a local company.


I didn't know it at the time, but only a few years later I would lose him to cancer, and lose him, a few years after that I was diagnosed with the bloody disease too.


I survived.


That was 2005, a horrible year for me, I'd lost my dog, and the next year I'd lose Mum.


Yes living on a property was a fantasy, but it was a nice fantasy. I'm well aware of how tough life on the land can really be.


So here I am, still stuck in Footscray all these years later, my health is dodgy, but I still had an itch that hadn't been scratched.


One night I was browsing eBay, and saw a portable milking machine, by Dairymaid.

And although there's not a cow's teat in sight, I bought it, because I could, damn it!


Two days ago a massive truck pulls up and the driver and I struggle to get the 50kg box through the gate and onto my verandah.


It's a beautiful looking thing, though I admit a stupid purchase. born of frustration with life and of missing my Dad... And of curiosity.


I realise I could sell it at some point, or that someone else might after I kark it, but it's mine.

"Others spend a grand on diamond rings" I told myself.


I was tinkering with it, and find it's rock solid, love how well it's built. But the instructions seemed to suggest the average user knows how to deal with it, there wasn't much info there. If I had been using it for what it was made for I can imagine myself coming here to ask for help, the answer to how you'd change a liner or remove the claw seems to be brute strength.


Anyway, that's my story, hope it gave you a laugh.


Wolfie Rankin.



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