Best time to overseed pasture south east qld

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Best time to overseed pasture south east qld

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Joined: 14/09/2016

G'day. Just wondering when is usually the best time to overseed grass/dirt with pasture grasses in South East QLD.


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Joined: 28/02/2011
Hi Cletus,
Welcome to the small farming forum, I take you mean permanent pasture? If so, usually November or February are the best months for Rhodes grass or Setaria, depending on weed populations and the prevailing season. November can be a bit hit and miss if you get early rain and not enough follow up during the early part of summer. If you want to add clovers then it it would be better to sow the pasture next autumn. 
This advice would be for more coastal areas, if it was west of the dividing range I am less familiar with the seasons and rainfall.
(Farmstyle consultant)

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